A niche is a position of an organism or population within an ecological community. It can be a place in the food chain or the power and fear that you instill in the wildlife that you live around. The food chain is a group of animals that each each other. The food chain always starts with Producers or Auto Trophes. Herbivores eat plants and carnivores eat herbivores. Omnivores eat every thing in he food chain. Scavengers eat dead plants and are usely not eaten by any thing. Decomposers complete the food chain by eating every thing that is dead. With out them no life could exist because nothing would get decomposed.
The Ivory-Bill is a Carnivore because it eats other animals. It cant eat plants or producers because it doesn't have the right kind of beat for it and because its stomach can not digest the food properly. The Ivory-Bill is a secondary consumer because it eats a primary consumer, beetles, and gets eaten by Tertiary consumers, fox's or anything else that can reach it high up in the trees.

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