Endangered or Threatend?

These are both uses to measure how many of a certain kind of animal exists in the world. Threatened is not as bad as endangered because threated just means its close to become endangered. The Ivory Billed is endangered but very close to being ancounced endangered. People from all over go on expidicsions to find this bird, almost every time they fail. "Each year many reports are heard from people absolutely convinced they found and Ivory-Bill. Of those reports that are investigated. most turn out to be another large and similar woodpecker, the pileated (Dryocopus pileatus)" (Cavebdish, 1993, p. 1392).

The Ivory-bill is going exict because of one main reason, Swamps. People see swamps as being horrable places were monsters live and rare, expensive trees grow. Jim Tanner said “The Ivory-bill has frequently been described as a dweller in dark and gloomy swamps, has been associated with muck and murk, has been called a melancholy bird, but it is not that at all—the Ivory-bill is a dweller of the tree tops and sunshine; it lives in the sun, not the shade.” (Cavebdish, 1993, p. 1392). The home were this bird lives were destroyed and burned to make space for homes and farms.

The Ivory-Bill could make a comeback if we could find one and breed it. Since it eats beetles it would be really easy to bring the Ivory-Bill back to were it used to be in the forest. If we didn't destroy the swamps and forests many years ago this whole mess could have been avoided. But maybe some good came out of this because people are now aware of the horrable things that will happen if you mess with ot destroy things that should not be touched.

Endangerd Species act of 1973

A act passed by the US government to list animals as endangered. The bill makes it illegal to but, sell, or trade animals that are threatened or endangered. The act also makes it possible to offer money rewords to fine people that have been selling or buying these animals illegally. Its also illegal to destroy plants or animals on government land unless they give permission to. This act helps a lot in the survival of many species because now people can get fine sand go to jail for the horrible things that happen to endangered animals. 2.  

What happening to help

"No country has more or a higher percentage of people interested in birds then the United States. There are many high quality feild guides, television shows, bird magazines, bird clubs, and preservation projects that demonstrate the national interest in birds. Many bird enthusiasts collect bird sightings the way some some people collect stamps or antigues. . . . If anyone in the United States finds another live ivory-bill, it will probable be one of these zealots." (Cavebdish, 1993, p.1392). There is also a $10,000 reword for the leading to a sighting or findings of the bird alive or deadIt is illagal to hunt or harm a bird like this if you see it according to the endagerd species act of 1973. 

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